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Sylvan Estates - Letting agents in North London.
Guaranteed Rent

Imagine letting your property but never having to worry about problem tenants, rent being paid on time or voids ever again.

Imagine receiving your rent every month, on time without lifting a finger.

Sylvan Estates is a provider of 1, 3, and 5 year guaranteed rental periods for landlords. This means rents will continue to be paid even when your property is vacant!

  • Rent will be paid with a guaranteed start date
  • Rent will be paid for 1 - 5 years and during voids
  • Rent will be market competitive for all properties
  • Rent will be paid even if the property is vacant
  • Your property is returned in the same condition we received it in
  • No Letting agency fees
  • Property Management - We can provide a 24 hour a day full property management service, we can fully maintain your property and respond to any issues that arise, offering you peace of mind.

We work alongside various local authorities that have many single persons and families that need to be housed for a variety of reasons. Having worked alongside these authorities for several years, we have built a high level of trust and formed a thriving working relation.

In order to continue working with the local authorities we are always in need of new properties to add to our existing portfolio. It is most important for our business to take on more decent and rentable properties.

At Sylvan Estates Ltd, we believe in fairness and the value the principle of being able to share this unique opportunity in helping others. Therefore, we are able to offer competitive rates on a guaranteed basis.